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What are the basic properties of spring steel?

2020-06-28 17:42:22
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What are the basic properties of spring steel?

1)High intensity

In order to meet the requirements of energy saving and light weight in mechanical design, the spring steel used meets the premise of plasticity and toughness, and the higher the tensile strength and yield strength, the better.

2) High yield ratio

The working characteristics of the spring determine that the spring steel needs the highest possible elastic deformation capacity, which is reflected in the performance parameters, that is, on the premise of ensuring plasticity, the higher the yield strength, the better.

The yield ratio is closely related to the chemical composition of the steel, microstructure, heat treatment technology and process, and the amount of cold working deformation. It is an important research content in the steel industry. At present, the maximum yield ratio of quenched and tempered low alloy spring steel wire can reach 92%

3)Good plasticity

In the process of spring manufacturing, the material needs to undergo different degrees of processing and deformation, so the material needs to have a certain plasticity. Especially the cold forming process, the plastic process is more strict.

4)Good toughness

The finished spring needs to bear dynamic load or static load during service, and may also bear impact load with uncertain stress. If the material does not have sufficient impact toughness, the reliability of the spring cannot be guaranteed.

5) Good resistance to relaxation

The spring's anti-relaxation ability is also called the spring's decreasing resistance, which refers to the ability of the spring to resist plastic deformation when it is subjected to dynamic or static load for a long time under the working environment. Bouncing failure is one of the most common forms of spring failure.

6) Excellent surface quality

When the spring works, the secondary surface bears the most stress, but the fatigue damage is mostly caused by the surface defect of the material. If there are defects such as cracks, folds, pits, pitted surface, scratches and indentations on the surface of the material, it is most likely to cause stress concentration in the spring work and form the source of fatigue fracture.

7) High dimensional accuracy

Many springs have high requirements for load accuracy, such as valve spring load deviation should not be more than 5%-6% of the specified load.

8) Good uniformity

The uniformity of the material mainly means that the chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensional deviation and roundness should be as consistent as possible, and the fluctuation range should be as small as possible. If the indexes of the materials differ greatly, it will cause the discreteness of the geometric dimensions, hardness, load and other parameters of the spring to increase. In severe cases, even a lot of waste products will be produced.

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