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Selection of the types of compression spring machines

2020-07-16 12:53:58
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Nowadays, in all spring manufacturing, processing and manufacturing industries, the application of compression spring machine equipment is very common, and the manufacturing industry involved is also very extensive. What kind of spring goods can the compression spring machine produce? The types of springs that a compression spring machine can produce are managed and decided by its own structure and basic principles.

The basic principle of the compression spring machine: it is to use groups of wire feeding rollers to press the stainless steel wire and rotate it, so to push the stainless steel wire to move forward continuously, and with the help of the travel switch of the upper and lower diameter rods and the leading The sexual action makes the stainless steel wire coiled into shape. Among them, the stainless steel wire continuously moves forward in the respective guide grooves of the upper and lower ring diameter rods. According to the objective position of the upper and lower ring diameter rods, the specification of the spring coil diameter can be controlled; the pitch rod is vertical The movement of the paper type is to make the winding stainless steel wire cause the rising angle of the inch thread, and then according to the objective position of the control and adjustment of the pitch rod, the specification of the spring pitch diameter can be controlled. After the spring is wound on the compression spring machine, the stainless steel wire is broken according to the movement of the hob downward or upward, and the mandrel is used as a support point for the hob when the stainless steel wire is broken.

If you master the structure and basic principles of the compression spring machine, the types of springs that it can produce will be clear. That is, the compression spring machine is mainly used to produce all kinds of precision-processed compression spring products. Cylindrical springs, tower springs, cone springs, convex/concave springs, wave springs, etc. Among them, the types of compression springs can be divided into various types:

① According to the type of pitch diameter, it is divided into equal pitch diameter and not every pitch diameter;

②According to the diameter change, it is divided into variable diameter and equal diameter;

③ The types on both sides are divided into open mouth and parallel mouth. If it is divided according to the basic original direction of the spring product structure, the compression spring machine can only quickly process spring goods with circular, arc and straight line elements. For spring goods with angled elements, only auxiliary methods or other models and specifications can be selected. do.

In other words, the compression spring machine is mainly used to produce all kinds of precision-processed spring products. It has the characteristics of simple adjustment, rapid coil spring and stable operation during the operation of the machine. Therefore, when customers choose the necessary spring machine equipment, they must combine their own product regulations to manage the types of decision-making models and specifications, and ensure that the maintenance of economic profits of mechanical equipment is considered to be the most important.

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