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Modification of the short spring can damage the shock absorber, do you know the reason?

2019-10-16 19:34:19
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Many car owners may have experienced this: they want to reduce the height of the car by replacing the "short springs", and they can also improve the support of the car body during the change of line and cornering. However, it took a long time to modify the short spring. The shock absorber of the original car began to go wrong, either leaking oil or all kinds of abnormal sounds. Why does this happen?You need a good quality spring making machine.

There is no problem with retrofitting short springs, but the problem is that this involves a "spring and shock absorber matching" problem. The reason why the automobile shock absorber assembly can make the vehicle run smoothly and ensure sufficient filtering vibration capability is the function of the cooperation between the working stroke of the spring coiling machine and the stroke of the shock absorber movement.

If the modified spring is much smaller than the original car spring, the telescopic stroke of the short spring will seriously limit the stroke of the shock absorber, resulting in the shock absorber not working in a reasonable stroke range, the shock absorption effect can not be properly played, shock absorption In addition, the shorter spring will make the shock absorber piston movement range lower than the lower part of the cylinder. When the big pit is encountered, the piston can easily “bottom out”; the bottom of the shock absorber is often subjected to severe pressure and will further causes oil leakage, and the top of the piston rod is broken.

Therefore, if only the spring is replaced during the modification, and the original vehicle shock absorber is retained, it is necessary to first confirm the K number of the original car spring, and then select the modified spring that is not much different from the original car spring K number. Some people will ask, what is the K number? The K number of the spring is an important parameter of the spring, which represents the hardness of the spring, which depends on the diameter of the spring wire and the spacing between each turn. Generally speaking, the thicker the wire and the closer the pitch is, the larger the K number, and vice versa.

By modifying the short spring to reduce the height of the car, the reduction is actually very limited. The height that can be reduced must be within 10% of the load range of the original vehicle shock absorber, that is, about 10~15mm; once this distance is exceeded, the service life of the original vehicle suspension will be greatly shortened. Therefore, in order to pursue the low-lying effect of the whole vehicle, it is better to replace the shock absorber and the spring.

When it comes to suspension modification, you have to mention "snap-hook suspension", which is a Hong Kong person's statement, which refers to adjustable height shock absorbers. The first twisted tooth suspension was popular in the modification of the chassis of the car. By adjusting the ground clearance and changing the vehicle's gravity distribution, it helps to improve the tire limit of the car. Nowadays, civilian modified vehicles have also begun to use a large number of twisted teeth for shock absorbers. The main reason is that it can change the height of the vehicle at any time. At the same time, it can adjust the damping force of the shock absorber and the adjustment of the number of springs K to help the vehicle cope with different conditions and ensure excellent handling.

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