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Application Of Spring Types

2020-01-20 11:07:29
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Springs are widely used in our lives and are everywhere. Wherever we can see and cannot see, there are shadows of springs. For example, we use springs in ballpoint pens and automatic pens; springs are also used in door handles and roller shutter doors; springs are also used in mobile phones and computers we use. With the development of industrial technology, the application fields of springs are becoming more and more extensive. Then, different types of springs are needed for different products. The classification of springs is roughly as follows:

According to the nature of the force, springs can be divided into compression springstensile springs, torsion springs and flexural springs. According to their shape, they can be divided into disc springs, ring springs, leaf springs, coil springs, truncated cone scroll springs and torsion bar springs. According to the production process, it can be divided into cold coil spring and hot coil spring. The following are common spring types:


Compression spring is a helical spring that withstands axial pressure. Its material cross section is mostly circular, and it is also rolled with rectangular and multi-strand steel reeds. The spring is generally of equal pitch. The shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical Shape, conical shape, middle convex shape, middle concave shape and a small number of non-circular shapes, there will be a certain gap between the coils of the compression spring, and when the external load is applied, the spring shrinks and deforms, and stores deformation energy.

To produce high-quality compression springs, springs need accurate intercept control and stable, high-speed wire feed speeds. Luoyang Xian Heng Spring Machinery focuses on the research and development and production of spring machines, focusing on the problems of spring accuracy and wire feeding stability, and has a good reputation in the Chinese spring machine market. Luoyang Xian Heng Spring Machinery Compression Spring Machine can produce springs with a wire diameter ranging from 1-30mm, which is easy to operate and flexible to adjust. It is the best choice for spring production.


Tension springs are helical springs that support axial tension. Tension springs are generally made of circular cross-section materials. When no load is applied, the coils of the tension spring are usually tight and without gaps. It uses the rebound force (tension) after stretching to control the movement of the parts, store energy, and measure the force. It is widely used in machines and meters. The hook forms include side hook tension springs, long hook tension springs, British hook tension springs, German hook tension springs, semicircular hook tension springs, duckbill hook tension springs, etc. The materials are stainless steel, piano steel, high carbon Steel, phosphor copper, beryllium copper, oil tempered alloy spring steel, etc.

Tension springs are used in a wide range of applications, garage doors and other well-known extension springs are all used. The tension spring is mainly made by the eight-claw machine, and the compression spring machine can also make the simpler tension spring. The eight-claw machine has a wire diameter range of 0.02-14mm when making tension springs, but the harder the spring material is, the stronger the abrasion of the eight-claw machine is.


The torsion spring uses the principle of the lever to make it have great mechanical energy by twisting or rotating the elastic material with soft and tough material. It is a spring that withstands torsional deformation. Its working part is also surrounded by coils or tightly separated. The end structure of the torsion spring is a torsion arm processed into various shapes, from single to double torsion, and even the deformation of various torsion bars, which can be shaped according to design. Torsion springs are often used in balancing mechanisms in machinery, and are widely used in industrial production of automobiles, machine tools, and electrical appliances.

The torsion spring has a small volume and a large torsion, and can be used as a shock absorbing tool for transportation tools. The torsion spring can be made by the compression spring machine or the eight-claw machine. Comparatively speaking, compression spring machines can produce torsion springs with larger wire diameters, while eight-claw machines can produce more types of torsion springs. Most torsion springs on the market are produced by eight-claw machines.


The thickness and density of linear springs are unchanged, and the elastic coefficient is a fixed value. This design of the spring can make the vehicle obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, which helps the driver to better control the vehicle. It is mostly used for performance-oriented modified cars and competitive vehicles. Of course, the disadvantage is that comfort is affected.


The leaf spring leaf spring is an oblong spring steel with a rectangular cross section. In the most common configuration, the center of the arc provides the position of the shaft, while a ring formed at either end is attached to the vehicle chassis. For very heavy vehicles, a leaf spring can be made from multiple leaves stacked on top of each other, usually with gradually shorter leaves.

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