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Notes for operation of spring machine

2020-07-22 17:58:58
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Notes for operation of spring machine:

Spring machine is the current spring processing necessary automation equipment, but the equipment has certain requirements for operation, the correct operation can better ensure the stability of the spring machine and processing accuracy, the spring machine in operation to pay attention to what matters? Luoyang Xianheng Spring Machinery Warm tips:

1. When you turn on the spring machine equipment, we must strictly follow the steps of use, and fix the position of the tool before starting. Before production, we must check whether the fasteners used in the debugging of the computer spring machine are firm to avoid the occurrence of the production process. Looseness, drop or shift, etc., which may cause machine failure or damage to the body due to collision.

2. Measuring tools, instruments, and tools should not be placed on the machine to avoid accidents during operation. Pay attention to whether the machine runs smoothly without noise or abnormal vibration during the operation process. Try not to overload the equipment for a long time.

3. During the operation of the spring machine, it is forbidden to touch the panel of the machine body by hand. After the spring product is processed and cut off on the machine table, the direction of the product drop must be controlled to avoid the phenomenon of collision caused by the tool holder. In addition, when the spring machining spring products appear abnormalit is necessary to make appropriate adjustments after stopping the machine to avoid safety accidents.

4. When novices operate and debug computer spring machines, they must be accompanied by professionals to reduce or avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Moreover, after the novice apprentice or the machine has been debugged, the technician must check it to avoid errors that cause the equipment to run incorrectly.

5. Non-professionals are forbidden to disassemble the spring machine without authorization in case of equipment failure, so as to avoid secondary damage to the spring machine equipment. If there is any equipment failure that cannot be handled, feedback should be made to the manufacturer in time, and professional personnel should check and repair it.

Daily reasonable operation, use and maintenance can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce the failure rate of the machine or damage to the body, so that the spring machine can maintain a longer service life.

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