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The structure of CNC spring machine

2020-07-24 13:01:10
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The structure of CNC spring machine

luoyang Xianheng Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in researchingdevelopingmanufacturing and selling high precise spring machinery. The CNC spring machine can be divided into five parts:  alignment mechanism, feeding mechanism, Variable diameter mechanism, pitch control mechanism and cutting mechanism.

1、Alignment mechanism

The position of the alignment mechanism is between the feed frame and the feed roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the alignment system is to eliminate the original bending deformation of the steel wire. After straightening, it can enter the forming machine straight. , In order to improve the accuracy of the coil spring.

2、feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism is a device that presses the steel wire by one or two pairs of feeding wheels, and drives the steel wire to move straight forward by the rotation of the feeding wheel. The gears on the feeding wheel shaft are driven by incomplete sector gears. The speed of the upper and lower rollers are the same, but the direction of rotation is opposite. The feed wheel rotates once, and the feed length is the circumference of the feed wheel. The length of the spring can be determined by the number of rotations of the feed wheel. The number of teeth of the incomplete sector gear is the number of rotations that control the feed wheel

3、Variable diameter mechanism

The variable diameter mechanism refers to the control mechanism of the outer diameter of the spring when winding the spring. It is composed of two Variable diameter rod and a Variable diameter cam driving the rod.

4、Pitch control mechanism

The pitch control mechanism is a mechanism to control the spring pitch. There are 2 types of mechanisms in this machine:

(1) It is composed of a pitch knife and variable pitch cam. Variable diameter cam is to control the effective number of turns of the spring, the bolt under the pitch knife adjusts the height of the spring;

(2) The connecting rod is driven by the cam, so that the pitch knife is pushed out from the inside of the machine, and better estimation of large pitch springs.

5、Cutting mechanism

The cutting mechanism is winding forming, cut off the wire is the last of the spring drop of the processing action, cutting through the knife and the core to complete.

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